Trinity in the Wider Community


Trinity’s location in Central Virginia gives us a the opportunity to celebrate culture, the outdoors and vibrant family life. Its small population (fewer than 15,000) gives everyone a chance to be part of this rural place. 

Nelson County is located within shouting distance of a number of urban communities that, together, offer a wide variety of cultural activities. First, there is the wide selection of stimulating events found in connection with the University of Virginia, one of America’s most respected public universities. In Staunton, a small city across the Blue Ridge, can be found The Blackfriars Theater, a distinguished and successful Shakespeare resident troupe. The city of Lynchburg to our south is undergoing an exciting renaissance, powered in part by the students and faculties of four small to large colleges and universities. Nelson County itself is a hotbed of musical talent, from blue grass to our own local symphony orchestra. The Episcopal tradition places a high value on these cultural opportunities and Trinity members are active participants in many. 

Our County has built its economic base on rural tourism. Located on the Sunrise Side of the Blue Ridge, residents enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, tubing, skiing, hunting and fishing right in our own backyards. An abundance of natural space, protected by strict zoning, also supports dynamic agricultural activities including orchards, vineyards, organic producers and probably the highest per capita concentration of craft beverage producers in the Commonwealth. A focus on rural tourism provides the incentive to keep our community rural, yet encourages a wide variety of businesses that contribute to a distinctive quality of life. 

Our public schools are a source of of pride. Our teachers are among the highest paid in the region and graduates go to some of the finest universities. There are many reasonably nearby private schooling opportunities as well. The public schools have strong state award winning drama, musical and choral programs, competitive graduation rates, inclusive athletic opportunities and appropriate class sizes throughout.

Nelson County is a rural community marked by its open nature towards newcomers. Its governing bodies consist of natives and non-natives alike. Its politics tend to be fairly evenly balanced, and its community organizations more than willing to welcome new blood and energy. Your family will thrive here.